Today is crossover day – the last day for a bill to pass in its chamber of origin for it to “cross over” to the other chamber and be viable for passage into law before the end of the session. Two things require urgent action before they come to the Senate floor TODAY — supporting school choice, and defeating gambling legislation.


Gambling Expansion:

Legislation to legalize betting on horseracing is on the floor today, and we need your help to stop it! The gambling lobby has been spending huge amounts of money to bring gambling to Georgia, but that’s a bet we can’t afford to make. Ask your Senator to vote no on the Amendment to our constitution – SR 131.

This type of gambling expansion is just the beginning of bringing other, more predatory forms of legalized gambling, and it must be stopped today.

Gambling expansion has been proven to bring increased mental health issues, poverty, bankruptcies, and suicides, and is the last thing our state needs.

Take action to ask your Senator to VOTE NO on horse racing and gambling expansion today!


School Choice:

SB 601 creates “Promise Scholarships,” which are accounts for parents to use their tax dollars for educational opportunities outside the limits of their local public school.

This bill will radically increase educational opportunities for the vast majority of school children in the state, but the education lobby is fighting us hard! We need your voice to help us pass school choice.

Take action to expand educational opportunity!


For His Glory,





Taylor Hawkins

Director of Advocacy

Frontline Policy Action