The woke Left is not going to stop.

Whether it is teaching your children Marxism, sexualizing them, or undermining the values learned in the home, the wokists are waging war against our children. The abortion industry will continue to fight for the ability to destroy innocent life. And, wokists are intent on electing prosecutors who won’t prosecute (unless it’s to bully conservatives), throwing money into our election system, and using ESG to instill radical values in business.

But, it doesn’t stop there, and the forces against us, sadly, are not just the woke mob. A handful of Republicans were the ones trying to protect woke doctors from being sued by children they mutilated. And, it is big money lobbyists that continue to push gambling expansion.

In all of these battles, Frontline Policy Action is leading the resistance – advancing your values, defending your family, and protecting our state against the darkness. Can you help us finish the work this legislative session by helping us reach our $6,500 end-of-month goal?

We are your Frontline to protect kids from woke doctors and the radical LGBTQ Agenda.

We are your Frontline to advance educational freedom.

We are your Frontline against Big Government intrusion, Big Education indoctrination, and Big Pharma’s profiteering.

We are you Frontline going toe-to-toe against the Big Money that seeks to fundamentally change our state.

We cannot do this alone. Your donation of $50, $100, $250, or more could make all the difference as we work to close out this legislative session.Please help us reach our $6,500 goal TODAY!

This session has kept our team tied up, and we have not been able to devote time needed to fundraising. Battling for our values has taken our full attention, and our finances have taken a hit. That’s why we are counting on you to chip in at this critical time!

Not every battle is going to be a victory, but our team is committed to being the force that stands its ground, engages to win, and fights for you and your family with boldness and zeal.

The forces arrayed against us are not stopping anytime soon – will you provide the support needed to help us continue to fight back?


In the Gap,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council