It’s Labor Day, but – I promise you – I am not taking a break.

If Raphael Warnock is re-elected, he places our entire nation in jeopardy.

If Stacey Abrams is elected governor, she will impose her radical abortion views, indoctrinate, and sexualize our children, and rob us of our freedom.

If Jen Jordan is elected AG, she will use her office to target and bully pregnancy resource centers.

If Bee Nguyen is selected SOS, she will undermine SB 202 and use her office to ensure every election is rigged against those who share our values.

The consequences of what lies ahead are severe, and I am committed to making sure Frontline continues its conservative, pro-family leadership of our state – hosting events, fighting back in our elections, forging alliances and coalitions, equipping biblical citizens, and spearheading the biggest policy battles of this generation.

Can you support these efforts with a $15, $40, or $100 donation today?

Frontline Policy Action is rallying behind our endorsed candidates all around the state, and we are already gearing up for the next legislative session. But summertime can be slow for fundraising, and we need to rebuild our war chest.

Please help us raise $4,000 TODAY to cover the costs of our latest ad production!

I believe that our best days are ahead of us, and I will not stop working until we have secured victory for our state. Election Day is sooner than we think, and our opponents and their out-of-state funders are working overtime to change Georgia forever.

We cannot let this happen.

Fighting for Georgia,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action
Headshot - Standing - Cropped

P.S. Our Gala is THIS WEEK! I can’t believe it! Rally with likeminded conservatives, join us, and get your tickets TODAY!