As 2021 wound down, I knew one thing I wanted to do from a personal perspective. I don’t really like talking about it – and I don’t want to be one of “those people” – but, since I get asked about it a lot… I knew I wanted to lose weight.

Over the 14 months or so, I have lost about 80 lbs. It’s taken a TON of work and time and dedication, and I don’t intend to stop just yet. However, I am proud of that personal victory.

I am also grateful for the victories God has given Frontline – as a result of His goodness and the resolve of this team and supporters like you. We were resolved to pass our Save Our Students legislative package, and we did that. We were resolved to re-elect Governor Brian Kemp, and we did that. And, we were resolved to begin an intentional culture transformation strategy, and we are on that path.

In 2023, we are going to need to mobilize the Church like never before, and that’s why we are launching Church Ambassador Network – with a $100,000 Matching Grant to kickstart this initiative. Can you contribute $100, $250, $500, or more to help us reach this critical goal?

Your donation will be MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR and is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Church Ambassador Network is front and center as one of our key resolutions heading into 2023. Here are some others – all requiring the Church to step up in a greater way.

1) RESOLVED: 2022 will NOT be the highwater mark for the fight for life
– The radical pro-abortion movement is marshaling all their forces after the
Dobbs decision, and they won some election victories across the country. They will not stop until abortion is the law of the land once again, but we are ready to fight back. It will take time and intentional strategy, but Frontline is committed to continuing to lead the charge for LIFE and stopping the killing once and for all.

2) RESOLVED: Let’s end the castration of children in our state in 2023!
– Radical anti-biology activists want to take psychologically confused children and treat them with chemicals and physical, life-altering surgery. This is barbaric child abuse, and it cannot be allowed to happen in our state!

3) RESOLVED: We will position our state for leadership in selecting a
God-honoring President of the United States – Make no mistake about it:
the 2024 election will begin in 2023. It is imperative that we select a pro-life, pro-biblical marriage, pro-family leader of character and vision, and we know that the road to the White House will run through Georgia. Frontline will work to empower Bible-believing Christians in our state to have a major national leadership role.

4) RESOLVED: This is the year the Christian business community finds
its voice – The Georgia business community is not woke, but that is how it gets portrayed in the media and how it is represented at the Capitol. Our team is committed to ensuring that this is the year we begin to reverse that trend and advocate for our faith-filled entrepreneurs.

5) RESOLVED: 2023 is going to be the start of a true movement of God’s
Church – Frontline has been leading the charge to advocate for biblical values, but we are committed to engaging God’s Church across the state in a greater way than ever before. Church Ambassador Network will play a MAJOR role in this – getting pastors to the Capitol to pray and to minister.

6) RESOLVED: This is the biggest year yet for Frontline – We have grown
our staff and our budget. We will hold more events than ever this year. We will travel the state more this year. And, we will hold our largest ever event this year. This is THE YEAR where Frontline takes the next step as the force our state truly needs.

None of this happens without a MASSIVE effort from God’s Church, and I
believe Church Ambassador Network is going to be the foundation for
major ministry impact.

Can we count on you? Please consider donating your best gift TODAY – $50, $250, $1,000, or more – so that we can MATCH your support DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR. Your support of Church Ambassador Network is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
We are resolved for BIG wins ahead, and I cannot wait to share in these results with you.

With your help – 2023 is going to be the biggest year yet!


Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council