At Frontline, we have momentum.

We led a groundswell of conservative, Christian engagement at the ballot box that saw HUGE wins for our movement, and we have set the course for a bold agenda this legislative session.

Our team is building a network of pastors, business leaders, and activists all geared toward a shared vision of a God-honoring Georgia.

Together, with your help, we’ve built something that our state has never seen before – something that can truly transform our culture, policy, and politics.
That’s why I’m asking you to stand with us to help us meet our January goal.

Can we count on you to make a generous donation of $25, $100, $250, or more TODAY? Your support that will be TAX DEDUCTIBLE and MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR and will keep our momentum going!

Over the coming weeks, we will see our legislation move forward at the Capitol, more Church Ambassador Network meetings, and more gains as we build a movement capable of generational wins in Georgia.

God is doing BIG things, and we are so grateful to have you standing with us!