This battle is simple – we cannot allow for the mutilation, castration, and sterilization of vulnerable children in Georgia. And we are fighting back.

Today, Sen. Clint Dixon dropped SB 141, that will ban “gender reassignment” surgeries from being performed on minor children. It will also prevent such chemicals and hormone treatment, and it will bar school officials from concealing from parents that a minor is “identifying” as a different gender than their biological sex.

Now is the time to protect these vulnerable children in our state!

In the coming days, we will have Action Alerts ready for you to contact your legislators, and we will be keeping you updated throughout the process. I firmly believe that this is a battle that we must win to protect these children who are struggling with a psychological condition that should not be treated with life-altering surgery or medicine – barbaric procedures that do tremendous and irreversible harm.

To stand with Frontline in this fight, please consider a generous donation of $25, $100, $250, or more TODAY!

Rep. Josh Bonner (Fayetteville) will be the House sponsor for this bill. Together, we can stand up for Georgia’s children and fight for what’s right. I look forward to the battle ahead and am grateful for the leadership and courage of Rep. Bonner and Sen. Dixon. Please keep these lawmakers – and our efforts – in your prayers!


For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council