Can you believe it?

2022 is coming to an end.

This was the year we stopped Stacey. It’s the year we Saved Our Students. It’s the year where our Heartbeat Law saved 52% more babies! It’s a year
where Frontline became an even stronger force for values.

I’m so grateful for all you did to help us on the road to unprecedented victories!

But the road ahead requires us to step up. We are battling for the soul of our state, for the future of our nation, and for the Glory of God, and we are ready for the fight!

That’s why – one last time in 2022 – I am asking you to stand with us. Our budget is expanding as we add new team members and new initiatives. And, as we roll out Church Ambassador Network, we have an opportunity to have your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR!

Please give your best gift before midnight – whatever you can give to help us Build the Frontline and launch Church Ambassador Network!

My friends, I can promise you this ahead of 2023 – you are going to see an even bigger, bolder Frontline. We have, by God’s grace, led the charge for countless victories. But He is calling us to do more.

We won’t be outworked. We won’t have minimal vision. We won’t be caught idle.

We are here to battle. We are here to stand boldly for His glory. And we are here to set a BIG and BIBLICAL vision for our state and nation moving forward.

So, one last time this year, I am asking… please stand with us to help us empower God’s Church for generational impact!

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council