A week after the hearing for the Dobbs case – where, if the Court rules in our favor, the entire landscape for protecting life could be fundamentally altered in this country – radical pro-abortion Emily’s List decided to plant their flag in Georgia.

The abortion-on-demand group endorsed Stacey Abrams for Governor, Jen Jordan for Attorney General, and Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State.

  • As Governor, Stacey Abrams would repeal Georgia’s Heartbeat Law and fight for Cuomo-style abortion-on-demand.
  • As Attorney General, Jen Jordan would give Planned Parenthood free reign of our state, refusing to hold those that slay the innocent accountable.
  • As Secretary of State, Bee Nguyen would ignore SB 202 and any safeguards to our election process.

We have a moral imperative to ensure that these three radical abortion advocates NEVER take power in our state.

As you know, there’s a lot of division and distraction in the conservative ranks. There is a threat that, come time for the general election, pro-family voters will be bruised, battered, and divided.

On our watch, this will not happen.

Yes, the primary campaign is important. Each of us has an obligation to support the most conservative candidate most capable of beating Stacey Abrams. Some of us will disagree on who that is, and our organization will certainly do our best to sift through the noise.

But here’s the most important thing: protecting innocent human life. And, when the next Governor is sworn in, we could either be a leading state to protect life – with the Heartbeat Law in place with ongoing efforts to do even more – OR we could be swearing in a ticket that will impose abortion up-to-and-even-after birth.

Lives, quite literally, hinge upon how we conduct ourselves in the coming months – on our strategies, on our results, on how we convey our messaging, and, yes, how quickly we can unify.

The radical pro-abortion community is laser focused on taking Georgia. It’s up to us to fight. It’s up to us to be the Frontline. It’s up to us to take our stand for LIFE in Georgia!

Focused and Ready for Victory,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action

PS. Last week, we held a rally during the Dobbs hearing – praying for God’s mercy to be shown for the unborn. To watch the event, feel free to view:

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