This is a bittersweet endorsement for me because I treasure the friendship I have with this man, and I have come to rely on his strong, unashamed leadership in the State Senate. Still, I know that God has called him to clean up a struggling department, and he possess a unique skill set to be able to do it.

With great pride, Frontline Policy Action unequivocally endorses State Senator Bruce Thompson for Labor Commissioner.

Bruce Thompson is one of the highest integrity men that I am privileged to know. He is also incredibly accomplished, has started or turned around countless companies, and embodies executive leadership. And his conservative bona fides are beyond any doubt. Bruce is exactly what the Labor Department desperately needs!

If you ever have the opportunity to get to know Bruce Thompson, you will quickly understand that he is a man of deep faith. His personal story – all that he has overcome – informs so much about who he is and how he leads his family. This is a man who loves Jesus, devotes himself to serving pastors and church leaders in his spare time, and cares about his community.

He’s also been one of the strongest conservatives in the State Senate.

When the Heartbeat Bill stalled in the House in 2019, I called Bruce Thompson and asked him to carry the bill in the Senate, he did without question. When there was a need to pass the bill to Renee Unterman – who did an excellent job carrying the bill – Bruce did so without question. He didn’t care who got the credit. He just wanted to save lives.

At every turn, Bruce Thompson has been a conservative champion for our values. Whether it’s fighting for life, school choice and opportunity, free speech on college campuses, or our Save Our Students Agenda, Bruce has been more than just a good vote – he’s been a leader and a fighter in all the battles that matter most. The conservative victories we have seen in our state would not have been possible without his dogged determination to make them happen, and I know he is going to bring that same tenacity and same commitment to our values while running the Labor Department!

One of the worst kept secrets in our state is that the Labor Department is a mess. They did not handle the pandemic well, and our legislators and state leaders found the department to be a nightmare to work with and lacking real leadership. They need an executive who knows how to get the job done.

Bruce Thompson is the tough, relentless executive that department needs. And he’s the faith filled leader Georgia needs. I am proud to support my good friend for this position!

Proud to Stand with Bruce Thompson,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action

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