I recently watched the Rings of Power series on Prime and was struck by the quote, “Hope is never mere, even when it is meager.” Hope is such a powerful commodity – such a history-shaping concept – that even a small amount of hope is a magnificent force.

Many Christians I speak with, in light of all going on in the world, are struggling with hope. And, my friend, I am urging you not to be one of them.

When we see a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-American radical be re-elected to the United States Senate to represent our great state, it is easy to despair. The despair deepens when one considers that this election cycle – which history and data tell us should have been favorable to any and all who oppose the Biden Agenda – was generally a victory for the most radical and incompetent Administration in American history.

Yet, even amidst all the darkness, I see hope.


Our state was resurgent this election – delivering sweeping victories for conservatives that seemed impossible to many just a year ago.

Principled candidates around the country – those who could point to a record of standing for life and families – won.

At the Capitol, we worked to deliver the most conservative legislative session in our state’s history. With the continued partnership with Governor Kemp and pro-family legislators, we passed initiatives to Save Girls Sports, Protect Parental Rights, Ban Divisive Concepts, Rid Schools of Obscenity, Bar Vaccine Passports, Unmask Our Kids, and more.

2022 was also a historic year for lives saved, and, here in Georgia, abortion is down 52% thanks to our Heartbeat Law and the Dobbs decision.

And, because of you, this organization’s momentum continues to build with a growing team, bold agenda, and strategy for lasting victories.

As we conclude 2022, I am hopeful for our future. The defeats we have seen and challenges we experience are outnumbered by the victories and reasons for optimism. My belief in what God is doing through this ministry is unshakeable, and I’m asking you to stand with us with a generous donation of $25, $100, $250, or greater today – to help us fight back with hope!

While ever-hopeful, our hope is not blind. It is rooted both in real victories we are seeing AND, more importantly, upon the promises and truth of our King – one who has already won the victory for us.

Our hope is also not lazy. We are implementing the strategy needed to realize our hope.

In the last two weeks, Frontline has added 3 new members to our team, and we will introduce them to you soon.

We are launching new initiatives that I believe will be spiritually significant, practically powerful, and culturally transformative.

Our agenda for the coming legislative session is bold and will be a direct assault on the Woke Agenda that targets our children, conservative businesses, families, lives, livelihoods, and our freedoms.

And, we are laying the foundations to ensure that 2024 is a year of victory at the ballot box – where we defend our state and rid the White House of its wicked occupant.

With hope comes action. We are committed to leading the charge, and we are asking you to stand with us. Will you partner with us?

Will you, with hope, contribute to helping us grow, impact, and deliver results for Georgia families? Please consider donating your best gift today!

I am saddened by Tuesday’s defeat, and I am disgusted that Raphael Warnock remains our Senator. But, my hope is unshaken.

Our best days are ahead of us, and we are committed to victory.



Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action