Some elections matter more than others. This is one of those races. That’s why we are proud to announce our very first endorsement of 2022 – Representative Ed Setzler for State Senate District 37.

You know Rep. Ed Setzler. He stood against Planned Parenthood, the woke media, and the Hollywood elites to pass the nation’s strongest pro-life bill – Georgia’s Heartbeat Law.

When the history books are written and the story is told of how we stopped the senseless slaughter of innocent children in America, Ed Setzler will be a star player. His vision, leadership, courage, commitment to life, and well-honed skills as a legislator make him a modern William Wilberforce, stemming the tide against one of the great atrocities of human history.

In the battle for our culture, nobody has done more to advance Constitutional Conservatism – the values of faith, family, and freedom – than Ed Setzler. He doesn’t just talk the talk. He doesn’t even just walk the walk. He’s the leader who actually delivers victories.

And now he is running for the State Senate, where he can be a difference maker for the people of Cobb and Bartow counties – and the state of Georgia as a whole.

Yes, we know Ed Setzler as the state’s most effective pro-life legislator. However, Ed is a standout across the spectrum – both as a principled conservative and as an effective leader and legislator.

Time and again, Ed has been at the forefront of fighting for our conservative values. He is the sponsor of the Right to Visit bill. He has been the tip of the spear for religious freedom and educational opportunities – putting parents back in control.

Just this session, few have been more instrumental in advancing our Save Our Students Agenda – getting obscenity out of schools, passing Parental Bill of Rights, Saving Girls Sports, unmasking our students, and ridding our classrooms of racist indoctrination and Divisive Concepts.

Ed Setzler has also led the charge against government overreach – fighting to preserve medical freedom, end lockdowns, and secure your personal liberty.

In addition to Frontline issues, Ed Setzler’s conservative credentials are unmatched across the board. He’s pro-business. He’s a taxpayer champion – having repeatedly stood up to members of his own Party to keep taxes low. He’s a leader for the Second Amendment. He unequivocally backs the blue. Quite simply, Ed loves limited government, and he fights for your safety, finances, and freedom.

I could go on and on about Ed’s conservative bona fides. The story is incomplete, though, without making sure you are aware of his effectiveness, winsomeness, and witness for Christ. Ed knows the process, and he represents our values with grace and class.

Moving Ed Setzler to the State Senate has MASSIVE implications for Georgia public policy. The Chamber is less than 1/3 the size of the House, which will give him an even greater impact. Moreover, the Senate allows for the amending of bills on the floor – which skillful legislators can use to make dramatic and impactful changes to legislation affecting your life.

In closing, I want to say this about Ed Setzler the man – he is one of the finest I have the privilege to know. He is a man of devout faith, strong principles, a sense of service, and a sincere compassion.

As a husband, father, veteran, business leader, community activist, and member of the Georgia General Assembly, Ed Setzler has displayed rare virtue and has proven to have the character we so desperately need in positions of leadership.

With the radical left seeking to take over Georgia, now is the time when we need proven conservative leadership. We cannot put anything to chance, and we cannot afford to elect those who have not been battle-tested, shown a capability to withstand the heat, and emerged victorious.

Time and again Ed Setzler has fought the fight. And time and again, Ed Setzler has won the fight – and done so in a way that honors Christ and advances our movement. It is my privilege to call him a friend, and it is with great urgency that I ask you to support as he runs for State Senate.

To all those who live in Senate District 37, Vote Ed Setzler on or before May 24th!

Proud to Stand with Setzler,


Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action