I often get asked if life is a little bit easier or if I’ve been able to “get a break” post-legislative session. The answer is, quite honestly, “no.” It’s a different kind of busy, but the fight is so intense – and the stakes so high – that we remain “full go.”

Now is not the time to shrink back. Now is the time to press Onward! And, if you agree, please consider making a generous donation of $10, $50, $150, or more TODAY to help us reach our May 8th goal of raising $20,000 to fight against Radical Gender Ideology!

As we continue the fight, there is much discussion over what we are really fighting for – what’s important, who are we fighting against, and whether we should simply accept the terms of the radical Left.

Let me make it abundantly clear – here at Frontline, we are committed to Winning the Culture War, Stamping out Wokeness, Unashamedly Standing for Christ, Celebrating God’s Design for Human Sexuality, and Protecting Every Single Human Life.

In the fallout of the 2022 midterms and in the lead-up to the 2024 elections, many are offering their views. And, many of those perspectives have been disappointing.

This week, former President Trump joined the political Establishment in declaring that the federal government has no role in regulating abortion, the State of Florida should not deny Disney special privileges while it imposes wokeness, and that conservatives should not boycott companies like Budweiser that actively promote Radical Gender Ideology.


We have work to do on the life issue, yes, and it will take time to build a true consensus that life begins at conception – this is a long haul battle! However, the American people are ready for leadership. We cannot sit idly by while states like California and New York hold themselves out as “abortion destinations” ready to take the lives of children in pro-life states up to birth.

There needs to be a national standard, and we stand with our friends at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America in agreement that the 2024 conservative nominee must hold this position.

Now is also not the time to shrink back against Radical Gender Ideology. As this wicked ideology and movement corrupt more children, turn more people violent, and go further to erase women and force acceptance of a lie, we must be willing to stand against it – AND push back on woke corporations that push it.


As we look ahead at Frontline, we will not be shrinking back.

Our energies will go toward building this organization and this movement. We are already innovating and working for more proactive policies ahead of next session. We are gearing up for the 2024 and 2026 election cycles. We are building a force of conservative Christian activists, leaders, pastors, businesses, and entrepreneurs that can affect change. And, we are putting together an unprecedented lineup of events to give you an opportunity to get involved.

Here is some of what we have coming up:

April 27th @ 6:00pm – Frontline Dinner Fundraiser in Valdosta – REGISTER TODAY

May 5th @ 12:00pm – Frontline Lunch Fundraiser in Duluth w/ Chloe Cole – REGISTER TODAY

May 5th @ 6:00pm – Frontline Dinner Fundraiser in Peachtree City w/ Chloe Cole – REGISTER TODAY

May 6th @ 9:00am – Biblical Citizenship Academy in Warner Robins w/ Special Guests Erick Erickson & Chloe Cole – REGISTER TODAY

May 7th – Sign your church up to participate in Foster Care Awareness Sunday – REGISTER TODAY

May 8th @ 12:00pm – Frontline Pastor & Legislator Lunch in Cumming – REGISTER TODAY (for Pastors, Church Leaders, and Legislators)

June 8-10 – Frontline at Georgia GOP Convention

June 24th @ 11:00am – Life Wins: A Dobbsiversary Celebration in Atlanta – REGISTER TODAY

SAVE THE DATE – September 21st & 22nd Frontline Events in Savannah and Augusta (stay tuned)

SAVE THE DATE – October 6th Frontline Gala (more information coming next week – stay tuned!)

SAVE THE DATE – October 31st Golf Tournament (stay tuned)



For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy