No voice across our nation is making a greater impact in stopping radical gender ideology than a courageous girl named Chloe Cole. She’s traveling the country, speaking out, and sharing her story.

After being targeted via social media and in school with gender ideology, Chloe became a victim of the woke medical community – which began the process of “transitioning” her at a young age, eventually performing a double mastectomy at the age of 15.

By God’s grace, Chloe has detransitioned, and is speaking out against this evil. And, now, you have the opportunity to hear what she has to say!

Join us for this special Diner THIS FRIDAY, May 5th at The Loft at Due South in Peachtree City – beginning at 6:00pm. REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND!

Here are 3 reasons to make sure to attend:

  1. Affirming radical Gender Religion is not loving – Chloe has a personal story where she has been devastated by what has been done to her. Most receiving this email understand that Gender Religion/Ideology is wrong, but many have a hard time pushing back against false wokists claims. Hearing Chloe’s testimony will equip you in those moments.
  2. This battle is FAR from over – The battle of gender and human sexuality is so pervasive right now. It’s everywhere, and, sadly, in Georgia, the response – due to a small number of feckless Republicans – has been far too tepid. We need you to continue to stand with us!
  3. Chloe Cole is remarkable – This really is a special opportunity. Here is what my counterpart in Florida, John Stemberger, had to say about her: “America is quickly falling in love with this brave young girl named Chloe Cole. Her courageous voice is cutting through the darkness and deception of a great injustice. We will look back in history and realize she played a major role in ending this evil.”


This event is free to attend, and we will provide you with an outstanding dinner. We will be making an “ask” for support, and we would encourage you to stand with us as we fight against this radical agenda – to protect young people like Chloe!

Hope to see you there!

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy