Where is the church?

It’s a common question that we hear as we travel around the state. Christians are frustrated. We are promised the power that comes when God’s people stand firm and take action.

But, far too often, pulpits are silenced and Christians absent in the battle for our culture that rages across our nation and in our state.

Some churches have gone woke. Those churches need to be exposed.

Some churches are apathetic, uninformed, or frightened. Those churches need to be awakened, educated, and emboldened.

Some churches see the need, but they don’t know what to do. Those churches need guidance.

Other churches, helmed by pastors of valor, are speaking truth, doing so boldly, and committed to the gospel mandate to impact the culture. Those churches need to be empowered and connected.

For that reason, we have formed the Frontline Church Leadership Coalition. Pastors and church leaders can join HERE.

With this network of churches, we hope to educate, equip, and empower. We hope to transform our state and our nation through the best means that God has given us – His people, His Church, and those He has called to shepherd His flock.

Is your church one we can serve?

We are building a network of churches capable of transforming our state. We are serving pastors, providing content, and giving a voice to God’s people. However, we need churches and pastors to step forward and join the network.

As we continue to work to transform our culture, we are making an investment in this initiative. In recent months, we hired Sam Thomas for the purpose of leading this network, serving churches, connecting and equipping pastors.

Can you help connect us with your church? Can you lead the charge to get your church in this network? Or can you set up a meeting so we can have a conversation with your pastor? If so, email sam@frontlinepolicy.com with the information we need to connect with you church leadership today!

We are so excited about this initiative, and we hope we can count you in try to strengthen God’s church. If we can do so, we know that our state will never be the same.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Council