Not enough people are talking about this race, and that needs to change.

Georgia Supreme Court Justice Andrew Pinson is a former clerk under Clarence Thomas, a member of the conservative Federalist Society, and was appointed to his post by Governor Brian Kemp. In the mold of textualist judges like Thomas and Scalia, Andrew Pinson understands that judges don’t make the law – they interpret it. Here’s what he says in his own words:

“I believe good judges serve with one goal: uphold the rule of law. The rule of law is the simple but powerful idea that we are all bound by the laws that our elected representatives have passed. Without the rule of law, our rights and liberties would be meaningless… I apply the law as written. The words that our elected representatives have passed is the law that governs us. However well-meaning, judges who apply what the law should be rather than what it says undermine our democratic process.”

This is what is required of a good judge who respects the Constitution. As such a judge rules on the critical issues, he will respect the rights of the people, the will of their representatives, and our hard-won freedoms.

In his time on the bench, Andrew Pinson has embodied what our Founders envisioned for a judge. He applies the law as written, blindly and without prejudice, and he respects the God-given rights of our citizens. Fair, impartial, and eminently qualified, Justice Pinson can be trusted to uphold the Constitution, do what is right, and never impose his own biases or perspectives.

I am proud to endorse Justice Andrew Pinson, and I am calling on every Frontline supporter to vote in earnest, rally their friends to the polls, and engage their church in this race! We can trust Andrew Pinson to stand in the gap and do the right thing – not legislate from the bench.

The same cannot be said for his opponent, John Barrow. A career politician and lifelong radical leftist, Barrow is running for one reason primarily – to impose his pro-abortion ideology on the state. One recent headline even read that he “hopes abortion can power his state Supreme Court bid.” That’s what he is staking his claim on – overriding the will of the people, ignoring the law, and opposing the United States Supreme Court, all so that more babies can be aborted in our state. He’s even going so far as to tout the endorsement of the radical abortion group “Reproductive Freedom for All,” which has made this race one of their top targets around the country.

With very few high-dollar races across our state generating voter turnout, this election will be decided by just a fraction of our state’s population, and every vote counts.

I cannot emphasize enough what this race could mean. The winner could prove the deciding vote on the Heartbeat Law, protections for girls’ sports, whether our state has to allow doctors to castrate, sterilize, and mutilate children, the rights of parents, and more. Election integrity, immigration laws, religious freedom, and abuse of government power decisions could all be made by this Court.

Do you want a constitutional judge who clerked for Clarence Thomas and was appointed by Brian Kemp to make these decisions? Or do you want a leftist politician who was an early Barack Obama supporter and is now campaigning for abortion on demand?

For Frontline, the answer is clear, and the stakes are high. Justice Andrew Pinson has our full endorsement, and we are sounding the alarm.

Please join us in rallying like-minded voters to the polls in this low-turnout election. We cannot allow this critical seat on our Supreme Court to be bought and paid for by the abortion lobby. There’s only one candidate who will apply the law and bring a just framework to the position, and that’s the man who has been ably serving in this role already: Andrew Pinson.

Election Day is May 21st, but early voting has already begun. Cast your early vote for Justice Andrew Pinson TODAY!

Standing with Andrew Pinson,

Cole Muzio
President, Frontline Policy
P.S. Stay tuned for more Frontline Policy Action endorsements!