Those in power – whether that be the media, the entertainment industry, politicians, academia, or woke corporate – want you to think we are losing. Especially this month, they shove their evil ideology upon you and act as if you are bigoted, ignorant, and alone.

Don’t believe the lie.

We are right – scientifically, ethically, morally, and biblically. We are in the majority. And, we are winning the debate with more willing to stiff arm the lies of their favorite entertainer, politician, or professor in order to stand for God’s Design.

A recent study by PRRI asked the question “is gender binary?”

In 2021, 59% of Americans believed gender was binary. A year later, that number had grown to 62%. Today, 65% of Americans believe the Truth that there are only two genders.

Not only does this represent nearly two thirds of Americans – it represents a significant shift back in our direction. The momentum built by the other side while God’s Church was seemingly asleep at the wheel has reversed!

Another huge positive – the largest shift in terms of age came from Gen Z. This generation was trending downward fast and has been indoctrinated from an early age.

Just two years ago, only 43% of Gen Z believed gender was binary. Today, that number is up to 57%, representing the largest generational swing observed in the study.

As we consider candidates for office, a further look at the numbers only cement the idea that this is a WINNING issue – we should not accept candidates who will not run on this idea. When it comes to feeling strongly about this issue, in a manner that may decide someone’s vote:

  • Among Republicans, 80% feel strongly that there are two genders, only 2% feel strongly that there are more.
  • Among Independents, 48% feel strongly that there are two genders, only 11% feel strongly that there are more.
  • Among Democrats – a Party that has largely based its entire messaging around the false notion that there are infinite genders – 28% feel strongly that there are two genders, yet only 27% feel strongly that there are more.

Any candidate running away from these issues is either beholden to special interests or so ideologically woke that they are too out-of-touch to hold elected office!

And, for those who have been tracking our policy efforts on the topic of sex education, here is an important specific policy note: on the topic of sex education, only 9% of Americans believe it should be taught prior to middle school!

As Frontline looks to the 2024 legislative session, we will be ready to fight to ban any sex education in Georgia prior to that age group, and those that do not stand with us in that effort are beyond fringe!

These numbers are not isolated.

Numerous polls have come out recently that show our side winning and gaining steam. One such survey was conducted by Gallup, one of the nation’s leading operations. That poll showed more Americans identifying as “socially conservative” that at any point in the last decade.

38% of Americans now say they are “socially conservative” – up from 30% just two years ago. Two years ago, liberals were pegged at 34% while that number is down by 29%.

Momentum is on our side.

Those opposing us on the issue of gender ideology are increasingly seen as anti-science, illogical, and mean.

So why does it sometimes seem that we are losing?

At least two leading contenders for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump and Nikki Haley, have sided with pro-LGBTQ+ woke corporate over efforts to stand up for kids.

Joe Biden turned the White House lawn into a mockery by hoisting up the “Pride” flag between our American flags and yielding the area to shirtless women who chopped off their breasts and men with fake ones. The display was unconscionable!

Go into any store, and “Pride” will be shoved in your face. It will also be shoved in your Inbox. Even Cracker Barrel is celebrating “Pride!”

Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers celebrating bigoted, Catholic-hating drag queens, and a Toronto Blue Jays player was essentially cancelled for daring to speak his faith.

In our own State of Georgia, 5 Republican senators spearheaded by the bill’s author and chief co-sponsor, worked to ensure that the bill to protect children from “gender reassignment” would be the weakest in the country.

And, it even took a herculean effort from Governor Brian Kemp to get a partial measure in place to Save Girls Sports (we could not have achieved what we did without his support!). We do not yet have permanent legislation protecting girls from competing against boys despite 69% of Americans (up from 62% just two years ago) standing with us on this issue!

Across the country, children are still being indoctrinated in schools and on entertainment platforms.

It is abundantly clear that we cannot simply be excited about our momentum – we must turn culture change into real victory. Here are just a few steps how:

  1. The pulpits must thunder – While more Americans know what is right, we solidify our gains when people of faith hold these convictions deeply and will stand up and speak out for truth. Encourage your pastor to address these issues, and connect them with us to help!
  2. Weak politicians must go – Politicians that campaign for your vote yet waffle on these issues need to go. As Christians, we must hold clear litmus tests. Do you support puberty blockers for kids? Will you stand up to woke corporate? Will your protect religious freedom and people of conscience from being forced to use pronouns against God’s Design? Those that won’t stand up for what’s right need to be voted out!
  3. Keep speaking, sharing, and boycotting – The Left has done an incredible job taking over institutions and imposing their will. While they have gone to far and have been too vitriolic, those of us on the Right need to do a better job of using our platform and our resources to make our voices heard. Speak out, lovingly and truthfully, on social media. Share videos – like the ones coming from Matt Walsh – with friends. Win the argument. And, don’t shop at stores that are in-your-face with pro LGBTQ+ indoctrination.


Frontline is going to continue standing strong – in our culture, in the policy space, and in the political arena. We are excited by the momentum, but we are committed to lasting victories to come.

Our team is putting an emphasis on this culture battle, and we will give you many opportunities to get or stay plugged in.

In the Fight,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy


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