Trust me, I get the angst over a runoff.

At Frontline, it feels like there hasn’t been a break in years – between an intense 2018 cycle, leading the charge for Heartbeat, navigating COVID and a separation from a national organization, rounding into a 2020 election that was unlike any we’d seen, the 2021 runoffs, fallout from those elections, and an intense 2022 primary and general.

There has been no letting up, and, when it became clear that we were headed toward yet another runoff, my sin nature got me down. I’ll confess, that was the wrong attitude.

Instead, this runoff election is another opportunity that God is giving us to stand for Him in the public square – to reject evil, to vote for LIFE and His Design, and to love our neighbor.

Another election during the holiday season does not feel ideal. Raphael Warnock has even joked about the frustration of a runoff in his ads.
But, as believers, we see our vote as a way to Honor God. If we truly feel that way, should we not get excited about the opportunity to perform an action that will bring Him glory?

I’ll confess my own sin in not fully embracing that gift God has given us, and, tomorrow, at Thanksgiving, I will Give Thanks to Him who is providing us with the ability to vote for His glory.

Now, I want to menion the other challenge I’m hearing from so many – that they are unenthusiastic about Herschel Walker’s candidacy. While we also have many supporters that are unequivocal in their passion for Mr. Walker, I want to address those who may not fully embrace the idea that a vote for the Heisman Trophy winner is a vote for the glory of God. Here is just some of what your vote for Herschel Walker does:

– It secures six years of representation by a pro-life US Senator for our state. Your vote very well could SAVE LIVES!

– While partisan control of the Senate is not on the line, Herschel Walker’s election secures power sharing for those who hold pro-life, limited government worldview. It means that Sen. Joe Manchin – who holds a moderately pro-life position and represents a conservative state – remains the most important member of that Chamber rather thank Sen. Kyrsten Sinema – a bisexual and avowed atheist.

– A Herschel Walker win in 2022 sets the stage for big wins for our movement in 2024 around the nation – when up to 10 seats could be in play to flip to pro-family candidates. A Walker win now also diminishes the chance of a repeat of 2020, where Georgia disgraced itself for its role in electing evil. It also removes a powerful apparatus and fundraising weapon for the radical left in our state.

– Voting for Herschel Walker is a way to stand for the integrity of God’s Church – by repudiating a “pastor” who supports abortion on demand, gay marriage, castrating children, and the government dictating to you, your church, and your family.

– Casting one’s ballot for Herschel provides a check on evil – by replacing a rubber stamp of the Joe Biden Agenda, a president who has robbed Americans of life, liberty, and property, with someone who will oppose him.

– It also conveys a Gospel oriented approach by opting for the candidate who – while carrying concerning baggage – admits mistakes and puts his hope in God’s grace. His opponent, on the other hand, has sinned against his church, residents at his church’s building, his wife and kids, children at his youth camp, his faith, his constituents, and his country, and yet he still has the audacity to fill a pulpit unrepentant.

If you have concerns about Herschel Walker, trust me, I understand. Yet those concerns do not, in any way diminish the reality that this election has real policy consequences now and in the future, real results for our state and our nation, significant ramifications for the trajectory of our movement, and serious consequences for the life and well-being of your neighbor.

Your vote for Herschel Walker is a profound way to glorify God and it is an opportunity to be thankful for.

Last week, I was blessed to spend time with many of my colleagues in this movement from around the country. There are frightening things happening all around our nation. Yet, I see hope. Our movement is coming together in mighty ways, and God is opening a path forward. While I see momentum, God uses the faithful acts of His followers to create change. And, it all starts with us – to be faithful, prayerful, and enthusiastic with our vote.

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We are grateful for the privilege to fight.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action