We live in a Post-Roe Georgia – one where our Heartbeat Bill is the law of the land, and We the People have the power to determine abortion law in our state.

Misinformation abounds. Lies from the Left. Confusion and deceit. But we want to share the truth – what’s in our law, not in our law, the reality of abortion, and where we go from here.

That’s why we are proud to share “Frontline Presents: A Post-Roe Georgia,” a video starring our good friend Janelle King! View our BRAND NEW video below or by clicking here.

In this video, Janelle talks about the Dobbs decision, what it means for Georgia, and the reality of HB 481 – the LIFE Act, or Heartbeat Bill. She pushes back against the misinformation from the media and radical politicians. It’s the unvarnished truth about where stand, and it’s what every pro-life Georgian should know and be prepared to share.

We are asking you to watch this video and to share it. We would love to have your church play it or share it on their page as well! In fact, we have made this video available as part of our Honoring God toolkit supporting pastors and churches ahead of this election! Pastors can access the toolkit by signing up here.

Since the Dobbs decision, the amount of misinformation, lies, and fearmongering has been unbelievable. It’s exciting to share this resource with the people of Georgia and the Body of Christ – equipping them to know the truth, to stand firm, and take action.

This non-partisan resource is just one step Frontline Policy Council is taking to equip and educate biblical citizens throughout our state. To support and expand this work – and help us get this video to more people – please consider a generous $50, $100, $250, or greater donation TODAY!

Life truly is on the line. It’s on the ballot and it’s in our hands to determine how we can seize this moment. Together and armed with the truth, I believe we can save lives and transform our culture for His glory.

For Life,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council


P.S. I am so grateful to Janelle King for starring in this video! She did an outstanding job, and we are grateful for her, her husband Kelvin, and all the great work the Kings do to lift up our movement!