Who We Are

Protecting Family Values

In 2017, Cole Muzio – in partnership with the national Family Policy Alliance – launched Family Policy Alliance of Georgia and Family Policy Foundation of Georgia. In 2021, those efforts were relaunched as Frontline Policy Action (a 501(c)4 organization) and Frontline Policy Council (a 501(c)3) to meet the immediate need in Georgia: to have a state-focused, biblical organization that could tactfully address issues of life, religious freedom, educational opportunity, God’s design, human dignity, free speech, and principled government.

We are, first and foremost, Christian organizations that exist to glorify God and equip His people to transform the culture.

Rooted in Tradition

Fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom

The Frontline Policy organizations are part of the family policy council movement that was begun with Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family – with dozens of independent, state-based allied organizations throughout the country.

These organizations are equipped to advocate for biblical values at their state capitols and engage – to varying degrees – in supporting candidates that would affirm those values in office, and empower the Church to address the culture. From Florida to California, these organizations are a force in their respective states, and they are united by a common mission and relationships to each other and allied national organizations. This movement is unique and exclusive, and Frontline is privileged to be the Georgia organization working in collaboration to save our nation.


A New Beginning

When Family Policy Alliance of Georgia was launched, Cole Muzio brought a proven track record of political victories and forged a tough, faith-based organization committed to victories. Beginning with special elections in 2017 and continuing with the 2018 and 2020 cycles, the effort began reforging the Georgia political climate. Those efforts resulted in major election wins and policy outcomes. In 2019, Muzio and his organization led the charge for the Georgia Heartbeat Law.

A Broader Movement:

Impacting the culture

Across the nation, there has never been a movement with more political impact of culture transformation than the FPC movement. It’s been at the forefront of every pro-life victory, effort to protect marriage, sexuality, gender, and legislation to advance school choice and parental rights. It has advanced our values and protected against the attacks on faith, family, and freedom by the radical left. While some organizations have started, stopped, or evolved, the movement has typically represented about 40 states.

Frontline Policy

Carrying on the Legacy

In Summer 2021, Muzio and Georgia leaders launched Frontline Policy Action and Frontline Policy Council. These entities contain election, lobbying and grassroots efforts as well as leadership training, the Biblical Citizenship Academy, church initiatives, and Christian networks.

Coming off a legislative session where the organizations passed more than a dozen bills and a year with successful new programs were launched – including the Biblical Citizenship Academy, which has trained and equipped hundreds of believers in Georgia – Frontline Policy is ready for unprecedented growth as Georgia’s premier force for families.

The organization has a growing staff and budget and is set to lead the charge for long-term transformation in Georgia.