Last year, Frontline Policy Action was, once again, the leading endorsement for conservatives across the state.

We worked up and down the ballot and all over Georgia to ensure that pro-life, pro-family candidates won – the ONLY organization in our state focused on delivering such victories.

In the primary, our endorsed candidates won 90% of the time, and, in the general election, that number was 88%. We sent mailers, ran digital ads, blasted out emails, engaged the grassroots, and outworked the radical Left desperate to take over our state.

We did it for this moment.

Election wins are not simply to make us feel good, allow us to pat ourselves on the back, or serve as the “end goal.” Election wins serve as a means to good policy that is able to be advanced through good personnel.

Last week, after much tumult, a new United States Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, was elected who will lead members that ran on a platform aligned with our values. (Regardless of what you think of Speaker McCarthy or the drama surrounding his election, we are excited for the promised rules changes and for the passing of the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi!)

Today, we kicked off a new legislative session in Georgia that is well-positioned to advance the conservative agenda we continue to fight for.

Jon Burns has been elected the new Speaker of the House in Georgia. He is a Republican, and his Party will have (once special elections are completed) 101 members in the House compared to 79 for the Democrats. Speaker Burns voted for the Heartbeat Law and has supported the Frontline Agenda.

To get a sense of what members are expecting from Speaker Burns, here is what Representative Will Wade – the author of the bill that rid our schools of racist concepts and also Saved Girls Sports – wanted to pass along about the Chamber’s new leader:

“Jon Burns is a sincere gentleman. He’s got a steady hand when it comes to decision-making and an even more willing ear to listen to input from multiple perspectives. He is a conservative with a happy warrior mentality and the same level of energy as our Georgia Bulldogs. He is going to be a stellar Speaker of Georgia’s House, and I look forward to helping us continue to build an even stronger Georgia for families and businesses!”

On Thursday this week, we will swear in the statewide officials we just elected. You know what I think of Brian Kemp – a man of integrity who has been a bold conservative and good friend and ally. However, here is what Representative Josh Bonner – author of Georgia’s Parental Bill of Rights and the Campus Free Speech bill – wanted to share about the Governor:

“Governor Brian Kemp has shown exemplary leadership over the last four years. Whether he was dealing with devastating hurricanes, civil unrest, or a global pandemic, our Governor led with honor and distinction. His innate sense of doing the right thing despite the winds of political correctness made Georgia the envy of the nation. I’m incredibly proud to serve alongside a man of true integrity.”

In addition to Governor Kemp, we are excited to see our pro-life Attorney General Chris Carr, who has been instrumental in the Heartbeat battle, embark on another term as well as other statewide officials who have been strong allies in the fight – notably Tyler Harper and Bruce Thompson, who are being sworn in as Agriculture and Labor Commissioners after working with us in the State Senate.

We are also incredibly excited that our endorsed candidate for Lt. Governor, Burt Jones, will take office. You know we worked hard to see him victorious in primary and general elections, but here is what Senator Greg Dolezal – one of the Senate’s most conservative members and an early supporter of the new LG’s – wanted you to know about him:

“Burt Jones leaves the State Senate as a proven conservative willing to fight for our values. He steps into the Lt. Gov’s office with clear vision and strong relationships to lead on issues important to Georgia’s families such as education, lower taxes, and a culture of life. I look forward to serving under Burt’s leadership as he continues to build his strong record as a leading conservative in Georgia.”

By God’s grace there is much to be thankful for as new leadership takes office and this session begins!

In the coming days and weeks, Frontline will be keeping you apprised of our legislation efforts, and how to get involved. We will share the inside scoop of what’s happening, and we will lead the charge for you and your family.

The Frontline organizations continue to have the largest and most successful presence for life, for family, and for freedom under the Gold Dome that Georgia has ever seen. We are committed to excellence, to victory, to the benefit of you and your family, and to the glory of God.

If you want to support the work of Frontline Policy Action this session, please make a generous donation of $25, $50, $100, or more TODAY to help us continue leading the charge and delivering results.

No matter what, we ask that you remain steadfast in prayer – for our leaders, for our efforts, and for our state and nation. May God do a mighty work!

Excited for Session,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action