Radical pro-abortion Raphael Warnock believes in no restrictions on abortion. He believes that government – designed by God for our good – has no role in protecting life.

Abortion up to birth, paid for with taxpayer dollars, and zero protections for the baby if it survives. That’s the extreme position held by Senator and Fake Pastor Raphael Warnock.

He says it’s a decision between a mother and her doctor. But, as Herschel Walker pointed out, there’s another person in that room. The baby is there – with all the DNA he or she will ever need, with the image of God upon them, and with value.

TODAY, early voting has begun for the entire state, and I’m imploring you to do what you can for the other person in the room.

Vote for Herschel Walker.

Lives are at stake.

To see the exchange between Walker and Warnock, who is a “pastor” that abuses Scripture, click below:


For Life,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action