There’s a lot of confusion in this new Post-Roe World (still can’t fully believe it!), and we wanted to send you a quick updated on where things stand around the country.

With the Dobbs decision as many as 19 states are operating – or will soon be operating – under abortion laws that protect life from detection of the Heartbeat or earlier. Hallelujah!

In some states, this is made possible because of laws preceding Roe. One of these states is Wisconsin, where abortions are shut down due to an 1849 law that banned abortions. This state is now governed by a pro-abortion Governor who is considering executive actions and a pro-abortion Attorney General who has vowed to not enforce the ban.

In the meantime, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is not providing abortions, but it is planning a lawsuit this week. It is expected that the state may soon see its 1849 law struck down and abortions resume in the state.

This is an example the legal challenges some states will face moving forward, and Wisconsin will be one of the more interesting cases of the enforcement of a pre-Roe law. Please remain vigilant in prayer over these states – where lives literally hang in the balance based on what a judge may rule.

Georgia’s legal efforts are in a much different position. Once the court decides to uphold our Heartbeat Law as it is expected to do, it will govern abortion law in Georgia as long as we can maintain pro-life leadership in the state and/or until we pass additional protections for life.

The Governor, Lt. Governor, and the pro-life majorities in both the State House and the State Senate are on the ballot. Should the pro-abortion slate win, they will quickly work to impose abortion-on-demand on the state.

Across all 50 states, elections matter like never before and will dictate whether lives can be saved in those states.

Legislation is expected to be introduced across the country in both directions of the life debate. These initiatives on both sides will be aimed at how laws are enforced, extending or limiting abortions, and providing services for pregnant women.

The policy discussions around abortion will escalate in state capitals, and, until we have a pro-life cultural consensus, nothing can be taken for granted.

And, in the wake of the Dobbs decision, the radical pro-abortion crowd made further pleas to Congress to “codify Roe” and mandate abortion law from Washington, DC. Winning elections for Congress and for the White House in 2024 remains an imperative when it comes to federal law.

Stacey Abrams and leftist radicals have already begun the calls to pack the Supreme Court, and control of the United States Senate will dictate the ability to keep a constitutional Court. The path to regaining a pro-life Senate will run through flipping seats in Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada while holding seats in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Even as Roe is overturned and abortion law is turned over to the states, we cannot neglect engaging in an all-out effort to reclaim Congress.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be talking about ways we can support women, stand with the pregnancy resource centers supporting them, and enforce our laws. This is how we forge a God-honoring, pro-life culture.

To keep the benefits of Dobbs around the country – preserving and advancing life-saving laws – these are the battle spaces: legal challenges, elections, policy, and Congress.

We will be fighting in all of these spaces – both in our culture and in preserving and advancing life-saving laws.

Vigilance is now required like never before. The battle is only beginning. Let’s win!

For Life,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Action