Another impactful week for your Frontline Team, as we continue leading the charge for you and your family. Here is just some of our activity this week…


Last week, we shared about some of the travels and meetings our President, Cole Muzio, was having as we grow the national recognition and footprint of Frontline. After we sent last week’s email, he did have the opportunity to meet Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida who then gave a stirring speech about what he is doing to wage war for our culture. Georgia and Florida are setting the leading examples of how to be bold AND win big at the ballot box, and the story DeSantis told about his state received stirring and rousing support from a crowd that was eager to see him step on the national stage.


President, Cole Muzio, with FL Gov. Ron DeSantis


On Monday we saw movement on two Frontline-endorsed bills. SB 44 is one of the Governor’s priority pieces of legislation, raising the penalties to criminals who entice minors into gang activity. This bill passed the full Senate on Monday and was sent to the House. Likewise in the House, another Governor’s priority bill was HB 129, which would extend the criteria of who could qualify for the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families to include pregnant women. On Monday, HB 129 passed the House Floor and was transmitted across to the Senate.

On Tuesday, we had momentous news to share – Senator Ed Setzler held a press conference to announce his introduction of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in SB 180! This bill will ensure that the religious freedom of every Georgian will be protected as a first-class right, just like your right to free speech, the right to a free press, and the right of free assembly. It’s been a privilege working with him as he labored to bring this to fruition. For our announcement of this effort and more details on RFRA, click HERE.

Our message is being heard on this issue around the state and here are just some press coverage and quotes from Cole Muzio appearing in various outlets:

“‘We know that many will proliferate misinformation and downright lies to create mass hysteria under the Gold Dome,’ Muzio said. ‘But before anyone believes the warnings of discrimination and economic calamity spewed by the opposition, simply look at the 34 other states who have RFRA (Religious Freedom and Restoration Act) for the undeniable truth.'” (Article Link)

“‘Nothing has been muted about the left’s culture war,’ said Cole Muzio, the head of the conservative Frontline Policy Council. ‘They’ve gone after freedom, imposed their will on businesses, attacked faith and indoctrinated our children. No more. Conservatives are pressing the unmute button on our side. It’s time to stand up for what’s right.'” (Article Link)

“Cole Muzio, president of the conservative Frontline Policy Action, praised Setzler’s bill and said 34 states have passed similar measures over the years. His organization has advocated for proposals that critics have panned as anti-LGBTQ. ‘Religious freedom is a human right that must be protected without further delay,’ Muzio said in a statement.” (Article Link)

I was proud to be on hand for two press conferences with Sen. Setzler as he explained RFRA with great clarity and winsomeness.


Director of Advocacy, Taylor Hawkins, with Sen. Ed Setzler


Go HERE to take advantage of our action campaign and make your voice heard on RFRA!

Also on Tuesday, a piece of Frontline-endorsed legislation, supported by us in committee, was heard and passed on the Senate Floor nearly unanimously. SB 42 by Senator Mike Hodges incentivizes businesses to make the Human trafficking hotline number available in their workplace. Also passed by the Senate was SB 69, which would honor Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with a statue on Capitol Grounds.

Wednesday was Day 20 of the General Assembly and marked the halfway point of the session, which is 40 legislative days long. We started the day with a full team meeting (pictured below) in Atlanta, strategizing about the best way to maximize the remaining days of session, and expanding our plans to achieve the vision God has given our organization to reach our state in unique and impactful ways. (A little editorializing from me – I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be a part of this dynamic team, and to be seeing the wins that God has given as we serve Him – wins that matter, that count, and that change the trajectory of our state. Praising God for His faithfulness!)


The Frontline Team!


After our team meeting, Cole and I joined a discussion of faith leaders with Governor Brian Kemp, where he heard his thoughts, shared our agenda, and prayed over him and his staff as they serve the people of our state with faithfulness and integrity. Please lift him and his officials up in your prayers regularly!


Meeting with the Governor


On Thursday, Senator Jason Anavitarte (Dallas) saw movement on an important bill which Frontline is supporting – banning TikTok on all government or school-owned devices, by prohibiting access of any social media service owned or controlled by a foreign adversary of the United States. SB 93 passed almost unanimously out of the Senate and we look forward to support its passage through the house as well.

Throughout the week, our Church Ambassador Network team was connecting with pastors across the state and also planning our upcoming Newnan Biblical Citizenship Academy.

To register for our March 18 BCA, CLICK HERE.

Last night, Cole Muzio and Scott McInnis visited with conservatives from Harris County, where Cole was the featured speaker. The response to what God is doing in this ministry continues to excite and energize our state.

Below is a rundown of legislation Frontline is engaged in (and any ongoing Alert campaigns you can engage in), but we also want to encourage you to sign up for our Leadership Luncheon next week.

To register for our February 23rd Leadership Luncheon, CLICK HERE.


Pressing Onward,

Taylor Hawkins
Director of Advocacy



Frontline-Supported Legislation


SB 141 – Child Protection Act: Banning Gender surgeries & chemicals for minors – In Committee: Health & Human Services – TAKE ACTION!

SB 180 – Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act – In Committee: Judiciary – TAKE ACTION!

SB 36 – Raising penalties for buying and selling human beings – Passed Senate, In Committee: Judiciary Non-Civil – TAKE ACTION!

HB 54 – Expansion of the Student Scholarships enabling private education – In committee: Ways & Means – TAKE ACTION!



HB 129 – Expanding eligibility of TANF benefits for pregnant women – Passed the House; in Senate Committee: Children & Families

HB 162 – 2022 Income tax refund – Awaiting a vote in the House

HB 217 – Ban cockfighting – In Committee: Judiciary Non-Civil

HB 229 – Enabling the recall of radical, lawless District Attorneys or Solicitors General – In Committee: Judiciary Non-Civil

HB 231 – Creating the Prosecuting Attorneys Oversight Commission to discipline lawless DA’s – In Committee: Judiciary Non-Civil

HB 338 – Student Technology Protection Act – In Committee: Education

HB 342 – Regulating the predatory practices of Title pawn agencies – In Committee: Banks and Banking



SB 1 – Removing the *repealer of the Covid vaccine passport ban in Georgia – Passed Senate, in House Committee: Public Health

SB 2 – Removing the *repealer on business immunities from liability claims regarding COVID-19 – In Committee: Judiciary

SB 3 – “Reducing Barriers to State Employment Act of 2023” – Passed Senate, In Committee: Governmental Affairs

SB 42 – Further incentivize posting of the Human Trafficking Hotline info – Passed Senate, In Committee: Judiciary Non-Civil

SB 44 – Raising the penalties for crimes with a weapon & enticing minors to join a gang and/or commit crimes – Passed Senate, In Committee: Judiciary Non-Civil

SB 69 – Honor Clarence Thomas with a capitol grounds statue – Passed Senate, In Committee: Special Rules

SB 93 – Banning TikTok on Gov’t devices

SB 97 – Georgia Cyber Command Division under GEMA to monitor cyber threats – In Committee: Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security

SB 131 – Foster Care reform; simplification of hearing procedure – Passed Committee; awaiting a floor vote

SB 133 – Foster Care reform; Uniform process to address custody of children – Passed Committee; awaiting a floor vote

SB 134 – Foster Care reform; makes it easier for children to testify in proceedings – Passed Committee; awaiting a floor vote

SB 135 – Foster Care reform; establishes standards for admissibility and authenticity of genetic testing – Passed Committee; awaiting a floor vote