No, I’m not looking forward to the debate tonight… I’ll be honest.

I still vividly remember the first debate four years ago and what a sad, trainwreck that was. The second one was better, but it was still discouraging. I know where these two candidates stand so I don’t think it’ll be informative, and I know where I stand regarding these candidates. I also don’t expect much hope, optimism, or encouragement about the future of our country.

So, no, I’m not “looking forward to it,” but I am, very much, praying over the debate tonight.

As we approach tonight’s presidential debate, we will see the two men that God has – for His own purposes and His own glory – seen fit to have led our country for the last 8 years and for the next four. It’s important to watch what they say, and it’s paramount that we pray for them. While we aspire for a higher standard that aligns with biblical values and a more hopeful nation, we are given an opportunity to be a Christian witness in our culture through how we engage this election cycle.

This opportunity extends to how and for whom we vote for and also how we speak about this election and its candidates, how we engage our neighbor, and whether our urgency and support are for a person, a party, or… the King and His good and right precepts.

Here are some ways I’m praying for the debate tonight:

  1. Glorifying Tone: Pray that the tone and tenor of the debate are respectful and edifying. This does not mean that the debate should be “nice” or “non-divisive.” However, I pray that the arguments are substantive and the divides are over policies, not personality. May America hear differing perspectives, including one that articulates a better path for human flourishing.
  2. God-Glorifying Policies: May there be an opportunity to discuss real differences on policies from a kingdom perspective – life versus death, celebration of God’s Design versus destruction of it, law and order versus tyranny, freedom versus socialism, thriving families versus selfish emphasis. 
  3. Presidential Candidates: We recognize the challenges in the policies from both sides. President Biden’s stance on abortion has been deeply troubling, advocating for abortion on demand which we know to be profoundly harmful and against God’s will. On the other hand, while former President Trump has taken steps to protect the unborn, aspects of his policies have also fallen short of our God-glorifying ideals. Pray that both candidates are moved towards policies that fully reflect biblical values.
  4. Call to Higher Standards: Pray that tonight’s debate is a call to better and higher standards than what we’ve previously witnessed. May it inspire both leaders and citizens to seek God’s guidance in their decision-making and to act justly.
  5. God-Honoring Outcome: Both candidates are deeply flawed, but they are not equally so. Over the last four years, the Biden Administration has done everything they can to pursue and impose a culture of death, destroy the innocence of our children, annihilate the American Dream, erode and ignore our laws, and obliterate America’s moral standing and leadership in the world. I cannot imagine a more godless, lawless, or incompetent administration. We should be unafraid to pray that God uses this debate to bring about an end to this wicked regime.

As believers, let us unite in prayer this evening, not just as passive observers but as active participants in calling our nation to God’s ways. Join me in lifting these prayers to the Lord, trusting that He will work through our leaders for His glory and our good.

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Cole Muzio
President, Frontline Policy