Liberalism in the culture is a secondary evil to liberalism in the Church. 

We have all seen how alarming the impact of leftist ideology in the broader culture is, as it shapes laws, norms, and societal values. However, its infiltration into the Church is far more devastating. It distorts the Gospel, disrupts the Church’s foundation, and leads believers astray. When the Church, tasked with upholding and proclaiming the truths of Christ, begins to compromise, it fails generations of believers.

As Pastor John MacArthur observed, “The Christian message represents a death blow to the postmodern worldview. But as long as Christians are being duped or intimidated into softening the bold claims of Christ and widening the narrow road, the church will make no headway against postmodernism.”

Liberalism has eroded what centuries of faithfulness built, subverting the teachings of Christ to propel its agenda. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as “progress” and “tolerance” while it works to undermine the pillars of our faith.

Consider the churches that are currently embracing homosexuality, refusing to condemn abortions, and installing homosexuals in pastoral roles. These examples of complete abandonment of biblical truths weren’t overnight shifts but a slow, persistent infiltration—a slippery slope that started with subtle compromises.

Our response must be rooted in the unyielding truth of the Gospel. We must resist the pressure to conform to a worldview that minimizes sin and the necessity of redemption. As long as we allow our convictions to be softened, the Church will lose ground against the tide of moral relativism.

Now more than ever, we must stand resolute. We need to restore the uncompromising nature of the Gospel, affirm the narrow way Christ has set before us, and declare, unequivocally, that Jesus is the sole hope for salvation in this lost and confused world.

I urge you to join me: speak truth boldly, live out the radical transformation commanded by the Gospel, and fight back against the encroaching shadows of liberalism.

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Onward for His glory,

Cole Muzio
President, Frontline Policy