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The Frontline Church Leadership Coalition is an alliance of pastors, churches, and ministry leaders to equip Christians to engage culture according to Biblical principles. Our goal is to see God glorified by the sharing of His word, the expression of His love, and obedience to His will. This network is provided free of charge to Georgia churches and ministry leaders who adhere to our statement of faith. For over a decade Christians have been told they should be involved. We are here to equip local churches that adhere to our statement of faith to teach Christians how to be a Biblical citizen.

“Foolishness runs rampant in government and pastors tell me they have no clue how to make a difference. Frontline Policy is equipping pastors to both understand and be salt and light in Georgia politics.”


"As a pastor, it's my job to study the timeless truths of scripture. Sam and Cole are here to help apply those timeless truths to a rapidly changing political climate."


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UPDATE – RESCHEDULED: Frontline to Hold “Don’t Woke My Church Conference”
With the chaos of the primary elections, the Southern Baptist Convention, and other events in the area during our original date, we’ve decided to reschedule the Don’t Woke My…

Sam Thomas

Published May 26, 2022

Should Christians be Partisan?
The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) recently published an interview with Daniel Williams, author of the book The Politics of the Cross: A Christian Alternative to…

Sam Thomas

Published April 7, 2022

Understanding the Church and Politics: Where Should I Start?
For most of Church history, Christians have debated the relationship between church and state. For hundreds of years, the church attempted to use the power of state to squash…

Sam Thomas

Published February 28, 2022

BREAKING: Frontline Launches Coalition to Empower Pastors in Battle for Culture
Where is the church? It’s a common question that we hear as we travel around the state. Christians are frustrated. We are promised the power that comes when God’s…

Sam Thomas

Published February 25, 2022

Sam Thomas

Director of Christian Engagement

Sam leads the Frontline Church Leadership Coalition as a part of his ministry at Frontline Policy Council. He is also a youth minister and an MDiv student at Truett McConnell University. Sam’s background in church ministry makes him an invaluable resource for pastors and churches.

Cole Muzio Portrait

Cole Muzio

President of Frontline Policy

The son of a Presbyterian pastor, Cole has spent a career leading change for our culture. With the launch of the Frontline Church Leadership Coalition, Cole looks to see churches in Georgia become all the more committed to the Gospel and equipped to transform culture.

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About Us

God’s Truth is under attack.

WE are the Frontline.

We are the Frontline fighting for God’s craftsmanship, for LIFE, and for His Design.

We are the Frontline – serving God’s Church to Defend Families and Advance Freedom across Georgia.



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