This is the consequence of entertaining radical and delusional gender ideology.

Leftist senators on the United States Senate Armed Services Committee are pushing an agenda to require women to register for the draft.

In recent years, the daughters of our nation have been subjected to erasure, loss of innocence, and a violation of their right to compete and thrive on the field of fair play. Mandating that they register for the draft to be forced to take up arms for our country is an evil attack that we will, quite simply, not allow.

The sheer repulsive lunacy of subjecting our daughters to the draft is born from this idea that men and women are not different, an idea tolerated and pushed only by the weakest of “men.”

As the father of a daughter, this is the kind of issue that is a “go to jail” issue. We cannot comply with a government that forces girls to register for potential mandatory military service.

To remove this as an immediate threat, here’s what we must do:

1) Defeat the wicked Biden regime at the ballot box – it’s his administration that not only tolerates but promotes this gender ideology putting our daughters at risk.

2) Activate and mobilize the Church to fuel his ousting – believers who understand
the value of God’s Design must be the driving force behind removing this wicked regime.

3) Build and grow this network so that the election is not a one-off event – securing ongoing momentum for victories as we approach 2026 (where Georgia will elect a new Governor and face a major US Senate battle for Jon Ossoff’s seat) and 2028 (where our state will be critical in electing a new President and face another US Senate battle over Raphael Warnock’s seat)

4) Consider ways to strengthen state sovereignty – ensuring Georgia daughters will never be drafted into a war and electing leaders willing to draw that line in the sand.

5) Wage war, on every front, with this “prideful” and evil gender ideology – reclaiming school boards, our legislature, our churches, and our culture.


The day after Father’s Day, we are reminded that there is no more solemn duty of a “girl dad” than to protect his daughter from harm. No father should allow his daughter to ever be subjected to the draft. We will take this stand, and we shall not move.

Cole Muzio
President, Frontline Policy