Having launched Family Policy Alliance of Georgia in 2017, Cole has been fighting on the frontlines and understands the unique challenges in the state. Cole has now guided the organization through a transition of growth as it joins the FPC movement as Frontline Policy Council & Frontline Policy Action, a premier force for Godly values here in Georgia. The FPC movement is part of a larger network known as Family Policy Councils with a heritage going back to Focus on the Family.

Over the last half a decade Cole has played a major role in shaping the dialogue around conservative policy in the Capitol and in winning elections around Georgia. In 2018, his organization became early supporters of Brian Kemp – helping him win in the primary and general elections. After the election, Cole was named to the Georgians First Committee. Cole was the lead lobbyist for the Heartbeat Bill and became active in recruiting candidates against those who opposed it and supporting those who voted for its passage. Since the beginning of his work here in Georgia, Cole’s organization won roughly 80% of its campaigns in the 2020 cycle – taking on numerous tough primary and general campaigns. Prior to coming to Georgia, Cole ran a successful consulting firm where he advised corporations, non-profits, and political candidates. He is most known for running Dave Brat’s insurgent victory over Eric Cantor in 2014 and electing Warren Davidson to replace John Boehner in 2016. He and his wife Spencer reside in Newnan, GA with their four children.

As President of Frontline Policy Council & Frontline Policy Action, Cole oversees the mission and funding of the organization. Cole does this by registering as a lobbyist, serving as its chief elections strategist and organization spokesman, and overseeing the vision of the organization and its execution by its staff.