Curious what Tuesday’s Election Results Mean? Join FCBA for an Exclusive Analysis

Tuesday’s primary results in Georgia are the talk of the nation, and they will have major ramifications on you, your family, your business, our state, and, yes, our nation as a whole. We want to provide you with exclusive information on what happened and what it means. That’s why the Frontline Conservative Business Alliance is […]

HUGE night for Frontline at the Ballot Box

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At Frontline, we understand that winning elections – electing God-honoring, pro-life, and pro-family leaders – is paramount to advancing our values. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the premier endorsement for life, faith, family, and freedom, and last night was another rousing success. By God’s grace and with huge credit and thanks to […]

Final 10 pre-Primary Endorsements

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Election Day is today, and we wanted to send out a few more endorsements as we work to affirm those who stand for our values. A few of the candidates in the list below – statewide leader Tim Echols and my personal representatives Rep. Josh Bonner and Sen. Matt Brass – do not have challengers […]

Frontline Endorses Richard Woods for State Superintendent

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There is a war being waged on our classrooms. The woke mob wants to divide us based on race, turn children against America, teach them to violate their own biology, and undermine the family. That’s why there has never been a time where it’s more dangerous to take a risk for State Superintendent, and it’s […]

MASSIVE NEWS (w/ caution): Exclusive “leak” shows Roe to be overturned

An exclusive leak to Politico – which, if real, likely comes from a leftist on the Court trying to “sound the alarm” – shows that the Court is set to overturn Roe. This is the news we have been praying for!!! Here is the article: Now, we must encourage some measure of caution. This […]

Early Voting Has Begun

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The time has arrived – the time where you can select those who will stand for our values, defend our families, and fight back against Stacey Abrams and the woke agenda. Early voting has begun. You can verify your voter information here. You can look up early voting locations based on your county here. Georgia […]

Frontline Endorses Jody Hice for Secretary of State

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As a Secretary of State in 2022 America, especially 2022 Georgia, it’s imperative to realize a critical truth: there is a political movement for whom a key tenet of the orthodoxy is a right to cheat in elections. The radical left clings to unverifiable voting and they’re willing to attack the character and integrity of […]

Vote for Life, NOT Vernon

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No candidate is perfect, but there is one issue that is non-negotiable – as Christian conservative voters, we must only vote for candidates that are strongly and unflinchingly pro-life. That’s why I am urging voters of the 10th Congressional District to reject Vernon Jones. While much of the focus recently has been on various allegations that have […]