Laser Focused

Friends, A week after the hearing for the Dobbs case – where, if the Court rules in our favor, the entire landscape for protecting life could be fundamentally altered in this country – radical pro-abortion Emily’s List decided to plant their flag in Georgia. The abortion-on-demand group endorsed Stacey Abrams for Governor, Jen Jordan for […]

BREAKING: Frontline Policy Action is leading the charge to Save Our Students

Friends, Our Christian, conservative values are under attack in America. Silicon Valley wants to silence our voices. The radical left is actively cancelling anyone who refuses to bow down to their woke agenda.  While conservative lawmakers battle for life, liberty, and opportunity, the real – but often overlooked – battle is happening behind closed doors. […]

From the Frontline: October Newsletter

Friends, This summer, we announced our launch as Frontline Policy, and the Lord has truly blessed us. Because of the generosity of our strong supporters, we have: Set a record for funds raised in a quarter. Hired new staff members. Launched new initiatives. Hosted our largest ever event – featuring former White House Press Secretary […]