Frontline Takes Aim at Biden Vaccine Mandate

Friends, We’ve had enough. We won’t stand idly by and allow the Biden Administration to bully businesses and make medical decisions on your behalf. The Biden edict is unconstitutional, illegal, and a violation of your freedom. That’s why I’m proud to announce that Frontline Policy Council has filed an amicus brief with the United States […]

I get asked all the time…

I get asked all the time – “is there any hope for our country”? My answer: YES! First, as Christians, we ALWAYS have hope. Second, I believe that we have the right plan to win this fight against the woke, anti-faith, anti-American left – starting right here in Georgia. You’ve heard our Save Our Students […]

Big News: Frontline Hires 2!

The Frontline team is growing, and we are thrilled to announce the hires of two new team members! First, we have hired Sam Thomas as our Director of Christian Engagement. In his role, Sam will partner with churches to awaken, equip, and serve the body of Christ in Georgia – empowering His people to be […]

For Parents: Ways to Make Sure Schools Don’t Turn Your Kid Woke

Georgia kids are back in school. Here’s the reality: every Christian kid will face challenges to the faith instilled in them from the home. In 2021 America, those challenges seem to be more severe. From CRT to radical Sex Education/Indoctrination, many students will see an active undermining of the values you are teaching them. For […]

Thomasville Biblical Citizenship Academy – January 8th, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, we announced bringing Biblical Citizenship Academy to Thomasville. It’s still coming to Thomasville but… …We are moving the date. Sign up TODAY to join us on January 8th for Biblical Citizenship Academy. January 8, 2022 Thomas University – Activity center 9am – 3pm Biblical Citizenship Academy is what everyone has […]

(Past) Frontline Policy Council’s Launch Gala Featuring Kayleigh McEnany

Join us for a night to remember. Opportunities to Join Kayleigh McEnany in the VIP Reception overlooking the Atlanta city lights. About this event This night is one you do not want to miss. Enjoy dinner and dessert while you hear from keynote speaker Kayleigh McEnany, President of Frontline Policy Council, Cole Muzio, and other […]

Critical Race Theory

Rooted in Marxist ideology, Critical Race Theory is sweeping the nation. Its proponents want to argue that CRT is about history. Unfortunately, it’s not. While we support teaching our history, we must oppose any effort to indoctrinate our students and any effort to further divide our society. Here are just a few tenets of CRT […]

Educational Opportunity

Georgia should be a place where every child can learn, thrive, and be prepared to make a difference in this world. It should be a place where the home is affirmed, where the individual needs of children and families are met, and where choice abounds. At Frontline Policy Council, we reject indoctrination in schools. We […]

We and Jason R. Anavitarte stand with Sheriff Moats!

Sen. Jason Anavitarte and Frontline Policy Council Issue Joint Statement of Support for Sheriff Johnny Moats “The Constitution guarantees the right to religious expression, and faith is a cornerstone of who we are as a state and as a nation. Sheriff Moats is an exemplary official in Polk County, and this latest effort from an […]