Stop Vaccine Passports from Coming to Georgia!

Help us stop Vaccine Passports!
Senator Jeff Mullis from Chickamauga, GA has sponsored a bill to ensure that state and local governments in Georgia cannot institute a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. SB 345 passed Senate HHS following our testimony in support of the bill, and will head to the Senate Floor next. We need your support to
Tell your Senator that you think SB 345 should pass!
The COVID-19 vaccines have been surrounded by controversy and politics since their inception, and there have been disagreements even within the medical community about the their efficacy and safety. But regardless of your opinion about the vaccines, we should agree that the decision to get the jab should remain with the individual. We cannot normalize tyrannical medical mandates, and this bill provides much-needed protection from those measures in the future.
Please contact your Senator about SB 345, and tell them tyrannical Vaccine Passports have no place in our state!
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