Stand For Life!

On Tuesday, Jan 25th, Senator Bruce Thompson introduced the Women’s Health and Safety Act – which provides women with critical information, ensures safety measures, and, ultimately, saves lives.
As we await the ruling in the Dobbs case, this is an important initiative to ensure Georgia continues the work of saving lives in the 2022 legislative session.


By providing information to abortion minded women – especially information about the ability to reverse the effects of the abortion pill – we can save lives and make gains for the cause of life!


TAKE ACTION today to encourage the General Assembly to stand for LIFE this session.


The Women’s Health and Safety Act has just been dropped and will wind its way through the legislative process. We are proud of Senator Thompson – the original Senate sponsor of the 2019 Heartbeat Bill – and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to save lives.

In 2019, Georgia passed the LIFE Act, the nation’s leading pro-life law; and even while that bill is held up in court, we continue to work to save lives.

TAKE ACTION to encourage your legislators to continue the work of saving lives!


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