SOS: Save Girls Sports!

With the radical overreach of the Biden Administration and the anti-science movement sweeping the nation, it’s imperative that Georgia take a stand to Save Girls Sports by defining participation on the basis of biology.
We have endorsed SB 435 by Senator Marty Harbin to do just that! SB 435 passed the full Senate floor with a party-line vote on Thursday, Feb 24th, and must go through the House of Representatives before being signed into law by the Governor.
Let your Representative know that biology matters in sports!
Please take a moment to personalize this email and use it to reach out to your representative, encouraging them to vote to Save Girls Sports in the House.
The facts are clear:
  • On average, men are physically stronger than women. Males have 66% more upper-body muscle than females, and 50% more lower-body muscle.
  • There is a 10% performance gap between men and women at the top level of performance in most sports and it has not narrowed as women train harder. This is evidenced in large gaps at the ends of the bell curve in performance, and causes drastic differences in records, standards of success, achievements, etc.
  • This act does not target transgender people. It draws a biological line for biological reasons.
  • This is a present issue in GA, and has been a growing trend across the country, most notably high profile cases such as the Selina Soul case in Connecticut. We see the increasing trend and want to get ahead of the problem before our girl athletes are forced to pay the price.
Biology is what matters in sports, not identity.
TAKE ACTION to Save Girls Sports for Girls!
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