SOS: Protect Parents Rights!

It is time to enshrine parents’ rights as fundamental rights in our state!
Georgia code has been very hazy about what rights a parent has, and what practical control they have over their child’s education and records kept by school systems. It’s past time to remove all doubts and standardize parental rights in education.
TAKE ACTION to Protect Parents’ Rights in Georgia! Ask your legislators to support the Parents’ Bill of Rights!
Governor Brian Kemp’s floor leaders in both chambers have dropped Parents’ Bills of Rights — HB 1178 and SB 449. It is crucial that we pass one of these bills to protect parents’ rights. SB 449 has passed the Senate, and 1178 should come to the floor for a vote in the next few legislative days.
In basic terms, these bills do three things:
  1. Strengthen Parents’ rights in law
  2. Streamline the process of parents to access information
  3. Codify parents’ rights and the responsibilities of school systems into one accessible code section
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We need you to email your legislators and ask them to keep moving these bills forward! Please customize and personalize your email as much as possible, and use these contacts with your legislators to build your relationship with them.
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The rights enshrined by these bills are as follows:
– The right to direct the moral and religious training of their child.
– The right to enroll their child in any public, private, at home, or charter school.
– The right to review all educational materials intended for use in the classroom.
– The right to be notified of any photo, video, or voice recording being taken
– The right to opt-out of any photo, video, or voice recording
– The right to withdraw their child from Sexual Education classes
Email your legislator to support the Parents Bill of Rights!
The current system relies on either a student reporting back to parents or parents randomly coming across questionable content after their child has been exposed to it. In short, parents have zero power to protect their children from inappropriate teaching or material. Their only hope is to raise concerns with local and state school boards, long after the damage has been done.
The Parents’ Bill of Rights is a long overdue update to the state’s antiquated information sharing and parental review policies.
Take Action today!
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