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Our faith is under attack.

A Milwaukee based group called the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” – a sad group of atheist bullies that have a long history of threatening lawsuits against Christians who dare express their faith – are targeting Sheriff Johnny Moats of Polk County for sharing his faith, praying, and having our national motto, “In God We Trust,” on department’s vehicles.


Sheriff Johnny Moats of Polk County, GA is a strong Christian who believes that everyone – especially those in prison – should be given the chance to experience the freedom Christ offers to every individual.

For praying with ministries allowed in the prisons to share the Gospel, and for expressing his faith on Facebook in prayers of encouragement, Sheriff Moats has drawn the ire of this Milwaukee-based atheist group. They have sent him a letter and made public statements against him, seeking to browbeat him into silence. They are threatening legal action.

But he is not backing down. He has said he will not change what he is doing, and no action on the part of FFRF will intimidate him. Thank God for such leadership!

We at Frontline Policy Action and Frontline Policy Council are proud to support Sheriff Moats, and, yesterday, FPC issued a joint statement with Senator Jason Anavitarte to express our gratitude and our eagerness to stand with him. Can we let Sheriff Moats know that you stand with him as well? SIGN THE PETITION!

With Senator Anavitarte rallying local support, we want Sheriff Moats to know that our state still values faith, and we are grateful for leaders like him.

Will you help us show support for Sheriff Johnny Moats, and the true meaning of the First Amendment?

SIGN THE PETITION to encourage Sheriff Moats and add your name to the list of Georgia Citizens who don’t want interference from out-of-state bullies!

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