Fortify Georgia. Protect Medical Freedom. Say NO to Mandates

Individual freedom is under attack from the left on every front, and the newest iteration is President Biden’s vaccine mandate. Regardless of each citizen’s opinion of the vaccine, whether or not we inject it into our bodies is OUR decision, not Biden’s!

But Joe Biden thinks that he can just run roughshod right over constitutional boundaries to federal authority and get away with it. He thinks he can take away our medical freedom to make our own healthcare choices, and we will just let him.

Well, he’s wrong about that.

Sign this petition to say NO to Joe Biden’s unconstitutional breach of medical freedom!

Governor Kemp has already made it clear that Joe Biden’s unconstitutional mandates have no place in Georgia, and that he would resist in every way he could.

Before Biden was even done with his address, Brian Kemp announced that he would “pursue every legal option available to the state of Georgia to stop this blatantly unlawful overreach by the Biden administration.”

We need your help to make it clear that our state will push back against unconstitutional overreaches by the federal government, and that we stand for the medical freedom of every individual!

If you agree, add your name; say NO to the mandates!

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