Expand Educational Opportunity

Expanding educational opportunity is one of the most crucial steps Georgia can take for the overall success of the next generation, and there is a bill in the house education committee right now that do just that.


House bill 999 has passed subcommittee, and will likely be heard in committee next week, and we need you to make your voice heard on this issue! This bill will empower the parents of almost every student in Georgia to use their tax dollars to make the best decisions in the educational interests of their child

Take action! Call the House Education Committee Members today!

HB 999 creates accounts for parents to use their tax dollars for educational opportunities outside the limits of their local public school  – everything from private school to tutoring services, and much more; anything that qualifies as an education expense. These accounts would be available almost all Georgia public school students, from all walks of life. This bill would be a great leap forward in educational opportunity for Georgia students.

HB 999 frees students across Georgia to receive the best possible education, allows parents to tailor the education their child receives to fit their needs, and introduces a healthy level of natural accountability to public and private schools by allowing parents the option to leave. We need you to call the house education committee members to let them know you support this bill! Making your voice heard on this issue is VITAL to moving this bill out of committee and to the floor for a vote.

Take Action to Empower Parents and Expand Educational Opportunity!

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