MASSIVE NEWS (w/ caution): Exclusive “leak” shows Roe to be overturned

An exclusive leak to Politico – which, if real, likely comes from a leftist on the Court trying to “sound the alarm” – shows that the Court is set to overturn Roe. This is the news we have been praying for!!! Here is the article: Now, we must encourage some measure of caution. This […]

Early Voting Has Begun

GA State Capitol Photo

The time has arrived – the time where you can select those who will stand for our values, defend our families, and fight back against Stacey Abrams and the woke agenda. Early voting has begun. You can verify your voter information here. You can look up early voting locations based on your county here. Georgia […]

Frontline Endorses 10 More in Legislative Races

Frontline Policy Action Logo

With early voting set to begin today, Frontline Policy Action continues to roll out endorsements across the state – in local, legislative, and statewide races. We continue to closely evaluate several federal races with anticipation of getting engaged in the runoff. As the state’s leading pro-life and pro-family endorsement, we are proud to announce our […]